Monday, January 30, 2012

My Little Helpers

Joshua loves to help me clean. The only bad thing about this is he loves to use my vinegar water to clean everything. He used about a whole bottle in the bathtub and I do not have to tell you what my house smelled like when he was done. They helped me vaccuum, straighten up and babysit Emibear. All the while I was grinning thinking that when I actually need their help they will run as fast as they can to get away from me. That's ok, we'll burn that bridge when we get there! As of right now, they are my sweet little darlings that love to please their mommy! And  by the way, does Joshua not look like my brother Adam in this picture!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bath Time with Emibear


Wow I do Like Peas!
Say Cheese Please

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

David and Goliath

So we learned about David and Goliath last week in bible class and instead of the curriculum music I used this good old school hymnal hym. And yes, they make these motions when we sing this song in church!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello all of you Unbelievers!

I know you all believed that I would never blog again but I proved you wrong once more!!! I seriously don't know how busy mothers find the time to blog on a daily, or even weekly basis! Hats off to you people and to all of you who look at my blog, that just aint happening!!
Everything is going great! After about three weeks about freaking out over wether or not I am quipped to be a homeschooler/home maker/cook/nurse/laundry girl/toilet cleaner/poop wiper/bottle maker/I mean need I really say more, I have settled down again into our little routine. I have enjoyed this month so much and feel incredibly blessed to have all three of my little hens under my wing. Now as for next year, don't know yet. But, this year has for the most part been incredible and I am so thankful for the opportunity and the results of our efforts. Allie is doing so well and Joshua is even chiming in a little bit these days. Emily is still a complete distraction to all of us. She is the cutest thing under the sun and absolutely demands attention. I swear everywhere we go people try to steal her from us. She is so mild, easy to please and adorable.
I won't even try to recap Christmas other than to say it was awesome. The kids loved their gifts this year and all of our favorite part was going to Florida for the week. So good to see all my peeps down there and cried like a baby when I had to leave. Allie cried halfway back to Florida. I think she has a crush on her cousin Luke and her and Emma just hit it off this year. We miss you guys so much!!
Well, Emi is calling me in there. I will leave you with pics!